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In these summer days 2021 the MILANESE GALLERY intends to propose a physical exhibition with the presence of different exhibitor artists, then two collective exhibitions of contemporary art, whose theme is the meaning of a REBIRTH after the period of isolation and social detachment and at the same time, the strengthening of friendship and creativity emerged as a consequence of this same social condition.

About 100 works of art, including paintings, photographs and sculptures, will embellish the exhibition space in the heart of Brera, in an area of prestige and high historical significance, always one of the favorite places for artists. During fortnight of July, with two subsequent exhibitions, the Milanese Gallery intends to achieve the goal of allowing the participation of all the artists interested in the event, each with its own best works, popped from its deepest soul, in these days of solitude, imprisonment and, in the end, getting to know each other personally, (or finding each other), looking each other in the eye and celebrating the REBIRTH of art.

The exhibition is is organized by GALLERIA MILANESE curated and presented by the famous Curator, writer, art critic and television presenter Antonio Castellana and the Curator, art critic and Artistic Director of the “ Galleria Millanese” Roseli Crepaldi.


1) Exhibition for seven days in Milan, in the prestigious district of BRERA. The space for each artist is 60 cm wide x 130 cm high. The works can be of any size, as long as they do not exceed the established limit.. Sculptures must not exceed 5 kg in weight and 50 cm in height).

2) Personalized digital invitation ticket.

3) Opening of the event (5:30 pm on July 18, 2021 and July 25) and subsequent outdoor cocktails (champagne, wine, water and non-alcoholic cocktails and appetizers).

4) Free inclusion of the artist in the MILANESE GALLERY Catalogue - 2021 Edition - Preface by Dr. Antonio Castellana.

5) 01 hard copies of the catalogue for each participating artist (excluding shipping).

6) Our sales assistance (on the works sold will not be considered commissions).

7) His name in the roll up of the Exhibition.

8) Certificate of participation - L'ARTE RIAFFIORA - "ART RESURFACES" – Honor of Merit for its "Great talent, high technique and beauty of composition" - It will be delivered personally to the artist present during the opening ceremony of the exhibition (or sent by email).

9) Advertising of the event on social media.

10) Professional photographer for the inauguration and publication of photos and videos on the Facebook, Instagram, youtube, several blogs and official website of the Milanese Gallery

11) Possibility of digital participation - on screen in front of the showcase and artist included in the catalog. Galleria Milanese 2021.

12) All styles of visual art (photography, painting and sculpture) - free theme

13) press kit ( leaflets) for artists and guests - brochure with photos of the works (description -title, size, price and personal criticism for each artist).


First Place - TV INTERVIEW CANALE ITALIA 125 with Antonio Castellana -famous Italian TV presenter

Second place- CAREER AWARD - (metal plate) - Delivered during the opening of the exhibition

Third place - CAREER AWARD (cartáceo). Delivered during the opening of the exhibition

PROGRAM – Opening : 18/07 first group of artists and 25/07 second group of artists

• 5:30 pm/6:00 pm - Opening contemporary art exhibition - Dr. Antonio Castellana.

• 6:00 pm – Cocktails (outdoors)
• 8:00 pm - event closing and group photos

The participation fee is € 150.00. (two installments 75.00) - The next payment: 30 days after the validation of the contract - the costs include VAT.

To proceed with the disbursement (for the entire amount or by installment the amount) use the following bank details:

• Beneficiary: Roseli Crepaldi
• Bank: Mediolanum
• IBAN: IT06M03062342100000002250170

Or via PayPal - Galleria Milanese.

Send the accountants from the transfer (made) and the registration form to the following e-mail address:

DIGITAL PARTICIPATION - The share of digital participation is € 50 with his work exhibited on a screen in front of the showcase, and the artist's inclusion in the catalog Edition 2021.

THE DELIVERY OF THE WORKS: The works must arrive at the Galleria Milanese OFFICE from 10 June to 10 July (Etiqueta address in the package :

GALLERIA MILANESE – (Roseli Crepaldi) - Via Caldera, 23 CAP 20153 - MILAN (MI).

Shipping costs and collection of the works at the expense of the artist. All works must have the right support for wall affixing.

The MILANESE GALLERY in particular will take care, with specialized personnel in the sector, of the following services:

· Dissemination of the exhibition to the various Blogs and internet platforms (facebook, instagram, youtube)

· Sending the invitation to authorities, collectors and artists

· Contact local newspapers to inform them of the upcoming exhibition

· Monitoring of the sending of the work on the Corriere website

· Receipt of the work and removal of the casing

· preparation (affixing the works on the walls)

· BROCHURE (elaboration and printing) with photos of the works (description - title, size, price and short biographical description of the artist) for distribution throughout the exhibition period)

· Preparation and affixing of labels next to each work (containing the name of the work, the artist, size, technique and price)

· Installation of equipment for audiovisual projections (for artists in virtual mode)

· Preparing the guest book (visitor)

· Presentation of each on-screen artist on the day of the opening of the exhibition

· Presentation speech (opening) - by Dr. Antonio Castellana

· Outdoor cocktails (champagne, wine, water and non-alcoholic cocktails and appetizers)

· Photos and videos of the moments of the event for dissemination on social networks

· Sales assistance (no commission will be charged)

· Packaging of the work for return to the artist

· Return by courier

We count on your participation and his beautiful works, adding prestige to the exhibition.

For any doubt we are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us.

A dear greeting,

Roseli Crepaldi

CEO E Art Curator

WhatsApp (+39) 3756962225

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